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DAVID TEXTILE comes from a long-time experience of cooperation and consultation with the traditional SAN LEUCIO companies in the production of high quality upholstery fabrics and trimmings.

David Textile produces “San Leucio-style” upholstery fabrics and trimmings and it’s a reliable partner for companies engaged in the construction of cruise ships, luxury yachts, luxurious residences, museums and hotels.

We can reproduce patterns from every era, inspired by original historic samples, independently created samples or samples realized in collaboration with customers, also turning them into fire-retardant fabrics and trimmings while keeping the quality of design and required colors unchanged.

The upholstery and interior decoration collection is characterized by jacquards like damasks,
brocades, liserés and lampas in silk, mixed silk, linen, cotton, Trevira CS andit’s the refined result of a work in which technology and stylistic research play a key role.       

The strong points of the product lie not only in an intentionally traditional image of the company, but also in the typical niche physiognomy of its items that have very specific

1. The fabric is always designed through evolved and advanced textile techniques, in order to obtain a product which is pleasant and innovative from the aesthetic point of view.

2. The used colors are always the result of stylistic choices and in line with consumers taste.

3. The used fibers are very diverse and valuable, and they range from organzine silks to mercerized cottons, from linens to viscoses, from Trevira CS to polyester and others; and they are often mixed together to obtain new optical effects which frequently anticipate tastes and induce decorative fashion trends.

Prevailing is the use of jacquard looms to obtain very sophisticated weaves as damasks, lampas,  brocades, liserés, lancés, that are designed and processed directly by the company designers. Dobby looms are also used for the production of fabrics to coordinate with the main ones, such as canvas, satins, shantungs and ottomans harmoniously joined together to create stripe and plain fabrics.


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